Jung Chang

As we celebrate International Women’s Day there could be no better time than now to chat to Jung Chang. A woman who certainly became the woman she wanted to be and lived the life she wanted to live.

Jung is, perhaps most famous for her book Wild Swans. This astonishing chronicle paints the picture of three generations of extraordinary women, her grandmother, concubine to a warlord, her mother, a staunch supporter of the Chinese Communist Party and herself, who under Mao, had to live in “perpetual” fear.

These women were forced by the changing fortunes of history to live very different lives.

It was a privilege and an honour to talk to the ever elegant Jung, a dear friend of my mother’s, and a true inspiration. How many other women have I met who have worked as a peasant doctor, a steelworker and an electrician. Although when our cameraman’s lighting equipment failed and we looked to Jung to spring into action she confessed that she was perhaps a better author than electrician.

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  1. What an amazing glimpse into Ms. Chan’s early life’s story. Wild Swams is now on my “must read” book list. Thank you India for creating this wonderful avenue of Extraordinary Life interviews.

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