Junkanoo and a divided house

This year we were a divided household.

Geographically we are Zulus. Their headquartered shack is at the end of our road and for the past ten years we have ‘rushed’ with them in the Junkanoo parade. Not to mention Top Banana’s husband leads the tomtom drummers, including Conrad, my 11 year old. And his family help construct the outer shells of our costumes, although we take pride in fringing, tricking, cutting and pasting the final product.

You following all this?

If you need a little Junkanoo explanation read this previous post, or this one–where David confirms that I am ridiculous.

This year Captain Bob led the Warriors into action. Captain Bob is Linda’s husband and Linda is my Sugar Mill partner. She and I have Junkanooed together for the past four years. This year, understandably, she wanted to rush in her husband’s group, and I was not free dancing down Bay Street alone, so to the surprise of David, the boys and Top Banana, I crept over to Warrior territory. And took Domino with me.

The Zulus theme was a well kept secret from the Warriors and vice versa, until the night before the competition, when the Zulus carried a sign around town ‘Captain Bob Wanted Dead Or Alive.’ Hard not to guess the Zulu’s were coming out as Cowboy’s and Indian’s.

Top Banana hid the sherif skirt she and Conrad had made (yes, traditionally the men wear skirts in Junkanoo) so Domino and I decided not to let her see what we were constructing up yonder…..

But that’s the next post.

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