Junkanoo Lion Fish

Everything seems to be a last minute rush at the moment and Junkanoo is no exception.

Linda, Domino and I were pasting our fish heads the morning of the parade. (That sounds so disgusting.) And without the help of Nathan Turner and Eric Hughes we would still be standing with a glue gun in hand.

In those crazy final hours of Boxing Day, we tried on our big-lipped heads to find they were painfully heavy and unbalanced. I have no idea how Domino managed to elegantly walk her way down Bay Street, twirling her feathers, in front of hundreds of tourists, and long past her bedtime wearing that venomous thing.

I, on the other hand, decided that I should Gorilla Glue some foam to the inside crown of my head gear. In the manic panic of getting to the start line, the foam slipped and the only thing glued to the cardboard was my hair.