I was recently in NYC for two days of desk side press appointments. This is where you dash all over the city from one magazine or publishing house to another, hoping to impress editors with your latest venture (hashtag secret project here). It’s totally unnerving. Queen Bee listens whilst you sing and dance your way through the brief 15 or so minutes you have to impress them. Towards the end, an assistant comes in and gives a knowing nod. Like hearing my mother searching for her shoes under the table at the end of lunch, you firmly know it’s over.

Somewhere in between the dashing about, Helena Christen shot my portrait (she is as good behind the camera as she is in front); I bought jewelry for my island shop; chose pantone colors for our catalogue; and managed to leave the prized samples behind after a short lunch. The editor was a little surprised to have just us in front of her with nothing to show.

Of course, the more established brands are not dashing about town. The editors come to them. But, when you’re in the startup phase – the bottom of the ladder phase – you do whatever you can. Just as long as it’s legal.