La La Land

Everyone always asks why on earth is the India Hicks HQ in LA? Well, having a growing office based on Harbour Island might have proved to be a bit fiddly.  It’s not exactly an industry town…and as my business partner and IH CEO was based in Los Angeles, it made sense to start from a borrowed desk there. Who knew 3 years later we would have a thriving team with data dudes, an inbound and outbound call center, and a creative corner where our product development crew sits with Parisian Olivia, who spreads out her inspiration boards, tech packs, samples and tells me “ Zut, we need more Leo-parrd.’

So, my commute to work involves golf carts, boats, three airports and two time zones.

These past few weeks, 4 out of the 5 kids, along with their father, Rissy from Harbour Island and the traveling tutor for Domino joined me there.  Even Isabella, my sweet cousin, seen here with her namesake bag, stopped by for a hug. A three ring circus.

Because LA is so ridiculously far away from everywhere, the office opens early in order to catch up with the rest of the world already skipping along in their day.

I would Uber to work in the dark, before anyone was awake, and most evenings leave as the sun was setting.  Every day we would navigate the stormy seas of a start-up business.

It takes a certain amount of grit to build something special, something specific. Every day you have to get up and get on with it.  But, there are lessons that building a business has taught me about life: being fearless for example. Sometimes you need to close your eyes and just leap. You won’t get where you are going if fear stands in the way. Another is seeking guidance. I have bothered many women sitting around a board table for advice on how they got there. They have mentored me, and in turn we now mentor many others. Also, embrace the unexpected, something I have done most of my life. Living on a small island in the middle of nowhere raising five fairly disruptive children was unexpected. So was founding a fairly disruptive company – a lifestyle brand sold around the dining table, which has become a growing movement in which women define the unexpected for themselves, understand their strengths, and become an inspiration for others along the way.

Our weeks in LA included achingly beautiful sunrises (please don’t disappoint me by saying they are smog induced) trapeze lessons, surfing and finding new friends, in particular the Novogratz, who seem somehow sane, despite living in a small castle-thing on the edge of the Hollywood Hills and having seven children.

LA will always be LA. Rebecca, our senior inventory planner, paused a meeting after her watched beeped “So sorry” she said. “I have to adjust my watch to the moon setting, to remind me to recharge my crystal.”  And when I came home from a work trip to Orange County brandishing fake fur lined Birkenstocks, David said it was definitely time to go home.

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2 thoughts on “La La Land”

  1. I just started following you. Have a special wedding in Harbour Island in the next couple weeks and am glad and surprised to know your shop is there! Coming from the Napa Valley in California. How fun!

  2. I enjoyed meeting you in Kansas City. Loved your remark about being in Kansas City all day and never in Kansas. Ha. They do run into each other. I’m anxious to visit the home office on Wilshire Blvd. I worked on that street in the late sixties, while my first husband’s group sang out there. Kim was a baby and I commuted every day out to the Valley. This resulted in a divorce so I raised her alone from 2-12. I’ve never been back since.
    I’d never met another Ambassador until that day, and still waiting to recruit someone under me. Hopefully that will happen soon. Love your brand.
    Mary Stephenson

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