Life Lessons

Just before Christmas, whilst in New York, I attended a Get Together hosted by Jessica, one of the extraordinary women who have partnered with me. It was a lovely evening, not least because a fire was burning and candles were lit and interesting people mingled, chatted and shopped, but because this women had decided to donate all of the proceeds from the event to Mariska Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation, a foundation that sheds light into the darkness surrounding sexual assault and domestic violence.

Later I joined another Get Together via Skype, this time bringing awareness to LAM, a rare lung disease that strikes women during their child-bearing years. Presently there is no cure for LAM. Heather was hosting this for her friend Laura, who has been diagnosed with LAM. Beautiful Laura was there with her two young children, smiling across a room, into the small Skype camera, a woman facing her future with remarkable courage, supported by those around her.

I just read a note sent out by another of our ambassadors, Karena, she spoke about our new venture providing the opportunity for her to now give back to some of her favorite charitable causes.

To think that this is all possible through our business is intoxicatingly rich.

And whilst acknowledging how much support of any kind means I want to say thank you to PORTER magazine for having me in your Life Lessons pages last month, where I spoke about some of the fears I have had as a mother….

3 thoughts on “Life Lessons”

  1. So, many have been thru so much and giving back in any way is what we do because we understand what suffering is… I can not wait to hear more stories and see your business grow, India, you so deserve abundance in your life…. xoxo Melissa Lee

  2. Dear India, I am so honored to work with you and so many incredible women and to be able to pay it forward through this amazing business! Thank you!

  3. I just received my wonderful box of beautifully made handbags, scarf, and clutches! I am not only impressed with the quality but the fabulous connections between you ladies and your great ventures in support of others! So happy to be a part of India Hicks through Karena and my daughter, Jennifer Robertson. Keep me in the loop! Thank you!
    Susie Watson
    Dallas, Texas

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