Linda Griffin

I met Linda on the steps of the tumbled down, one roomed school our children were attending in the settlement of Bogue, on the island of Eleuthera. Everyday I brought my children across the bay, from Harbour Island to Eleuthera and drove down to Bogue.

We were the only two non Bahamian mothers. Around us dogs snoozed on the sandy deserted hot road, a chicken ambled pass and a Rasta dude chilled under the banyan tree. Only the small handful of children buzzing in the classroom made noise.

We had starred at each other for a few weeks before Linda stopped me one morning and said “So odd, you look like that girl in the Avon commercial”

I said “I am the girl in the Avon commercial”
“Then what are you doing HERE?!” she questioned.

We sat on the side of the road and got to know each other. There isn’t a Starbucks in Bogue.

Linda’s story is one of adventure and courage, disguised as a woman going about her everyday life.

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  1. Thank you for featuring “ordinary” extraordinary women. Not that there’s anything “ordinary” about Linda.:-)

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