Our Longest Reigning Monarch

Today our Queen becomes the longest-serving monarch in British history, surpassing even Victoria.

It has been an extraordinary reign with an enduring appeal.

My mother was with The Queen the moment she heard her father had died. My mother was there as her lady-in-waiting, you can see her on the steps of the plane as they arrived in Kenya in 1952.

They had departed England on that commonwealth tour with a Princess but flew home with a Queen.

During the past 63 years The Queen has truly been our anchor of permanence and stability.

One thought on “Our Longest Reigning Monarch”

  1. Long Live Queen Elizabeth. Her dignity, respect, compassion and stability has been long held in the highest regard. What a wonderful woman – and we forget that, that she was a young woman – who elected to be a public figure for life – and did so with great leadership and courage, understanding and grace. An extraordinary woman – much admired. Much loved. x

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