Maddison May

This is our Maddison May crossbody bag. Maddison May, is my 20-something-year-old niece and Goddaughter, she changes her mind about her look and style every few hours.

This bag is for her, designed so she could change that inside bag out, as often as she liked and in four very different ways: Double Decker Red, Island Gecko, Sting Ray and Flamingo. You can just see the Sting Ray peeping out the top. If you want to see the other options, go to

I saw Maddison a few weeks ago. “Do you like your bag?” I asked her. “NO,” she said. “Not at all. I can’t even bear to touch it. I’ve gone vegan and won’t look at a leather product.”

Keep laughing I say.

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  1. Very funny…youth never really changes, does it? We’ve all been there and gone through all the same phases.

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