Making the Change

My first resolve for 2015 is to watch, and pay attention to, the BBC World News more. I need to be able to tell Syria from Siberia. Understand where conflicts are proliferating in the world – rather than just being vaguely aware of a list of trouble hotspots.

My second is to try to get my spelling and grammar more under control. I drive David to distraction by relying on him as my spell check and thesaurus, often shouting through to his office “How do you spell…” or “Where should the apostrophe go?” and he shouts back “Don’t start a sentence with a conjunction!” or “Remember a double consonant shortens the proceeding vowel.” At least with all my grammatical errors you can be assured it’s me writing my own posts.

My third is to act my age not my shoe size. I still can’t resist the peer pressure from an 11-year-old (see picture).

My last is to take from those experiences shared for us in the Extraordinary Lives series and try and make a difference – while still staying true to who I am now. I feel I owe it to all those people who have so generously told us their stories.

How might you include a little bit of extraordinary in your life this year?

5 thoughts on “Making the Change”

  1. Cannot go through life hungover, sadly I have to give up the vino.. Monday-Wednesday. 2. I share the challenge of spelling and grammar, just impatient, let’s get the words on paper, but I feel my father judgement of OMG!!!! what is wrong with your english teacher. Yah let’s just blame on her. 3. I am signing up to be an Ambassador for India Hicks Extraordinary Life. SOOOOOO EXCITED.. not only to be with extraordinary women, but to inspire other women along the way. Let the journey begin… Cheers Lizanne

  2. My goal for this year is to be shameless… to act my shoe size a little more and not worry what others think, stop censoring my ideas and opinions, and feel more joy. In other words, not let shame and the fear of not being good enough keep me from living an amazing life. Your extraordinary lives video series was a part of the inspiration for that goal.

  3. My aim for 2015 is to focus. To help my wonderfully creative mind to deside and aim. I want my business as a speaker and stylist to be more inspiration events for 100 women at a time, so I can use my energy the rigth way. Becuase my life is all about being free and happy with my kids and the dog , Aston

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