Meet The Duchess

I don’t think I have properly introduced The Duchess. We travel together a lot. She is a stylish companion. When she and I first got together, I would yell “don’t put your dirty little hands anywhere near my Duchess.” And now look how I treat her: she’s left alone in hotel lobbies, she’s flung over my shoulder, she’s stuffed through X-ray machines and sometimes I even use her as a pillow.

I named this computer bag after the Duchess of Windsor, as she was considered one of the most chic women in the world, and for whom King Edward VIII gave up his throne (chill, all you disapproving Brits). I designed this bag with her in mind, imagining how she might travel with her lap top in hand, between her glittering worlds of London, Paris and Nassau.

For the modern woman (traveling more likely between Manhattan and the Midwest) the Duchess rocks.

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