Minneapolis. Snow, a party, a tiki hut, the sound of waves breaking on a TV screen and too many margaritas. Is this a normal India Hicks Get Together? I do hope so.

After less than 24 hours in this windy city I wanted to see something Minneapolis-y. Apparently its Mall of America. On our way to the airport we stopped by.

I ran over to the gigantic letters spelling out M A L L O F A M E R I C A. “Let’s climb it, ” I shout excitedly, margaritas still gently flowing through my brain cells.

Just as I hitch my leg up onto the A of America I hear the police sirens.

One thought on “Minneapolis”

  1. Oh my, what in the world happened? I think they laughed. . . . The police that is.
    A margarita sounds good, an Island Cocktail!
    Donna Maher Snyder

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