The week was pretty full – I filmed all the spring product release videos, met with our sales, marketing and product teams, tackled Brandy Melville, joined a Tribe Talk of several hundred women, and lent on the shoulder of fellow female founder Gregg Renfrew. I also ate my way through a stash of Red Vines, which made me much more creative during our design review. I spent Wednesday doing a small TV thing, where a mic was strapped to my leg, which I thought as very cool and James Bond-y, until I found it actually gave me an unbelievable burn on my inside thigh. I had dinner with Ashley Longshore, which actually was very cool. That girls rocks the Kasbah.

Thursday morning, Eric Buterbaugh, dressed in red cowboy boots, Live & Unbleeped with me, and bedazzled us all with his festive florals. Then, Lindsay and Lucas drove me at top speed back to the office where our German boss was waiting to introduce me to a financier. It was a very informal meeting but one, none-the-less, where you like to show off the company you have built and to convey the impression of being competent, razor-sharp, smart business people. The consultant was asking us about future forecasts as the conference room door opened…in trotted Nui, the boss’s wife, carrying a little freezer bag. With a shaking finger, she said ‘Nick- you forgot your lunch AGAIN’.

Waking up the morning after our office party, and hauling not only Felix but several overweight suitcases full of festive finds and unwritten Christmas cards onto a flight crossing the country and wondering yet again what exact time zone I might be landing in, there were only two words in my head…..UBER MIST.