New Year,
New Beginning

“My collection provides women across the country a superb bedrock upon which to deepen friendships, share stories and build a strong, solid business, in their own time, and on their own terms.” –India Hicks

This New Year marks the launch of a new, luxurious yet affordable, lifestyle collection: India Hicks.

India’s initial collection encompasses fragrances and accessories which are imbued with stories from her British heritage and the life she lives with her family on a tiny and remote Bahamian island.

It is her goal to create a range of products that allow women to add a little touch of extraordinary to their own lives.

The company’s vision is to achieve a highly personalized shopping experience by sharing this exclusive range of well-crafted gifts and accessories directly in the heart of the home, defying the traditional shopping experience, by selling these collections through collaborations with entrepreneurial women.

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7 thoughts on “New Year, New Beginning”

  1. Congrats India! My Love Letter pendants are treasured items, so I know I’ll love your new venture!

  2. Hi India,
    You have just give me an opportunity, to empower myself and to believe in myself.
    You have a loving heart and soul and you are a genuine person. You have care and compassion. I have your bedding throws and quilts, they are wonderful! I wish to add to my collection the Carmen Clutch and Mayfair Tote. Perhaps someday I can visit Harbor Island and meet you. Thank you, peace and blessings!

  3. Dear India,
    I have just signed up to be an Independent Style Ambassador, I have joined your family! Congratulations on your new beginnings!

  4. In the past, I have owned my own business, equestrian jewelry, and natural Aromatherapy Products. I am also a Certified Aromatherapist. Starting a new business is exciting and requires a lot of time and dedication! As a Style Ambassador with India Hicks, I am proud to sell high quality products with beauty and purpose!

  5. I look forward to meeting other Style Ambassadors and knowing their story. I have received excellent staff support and answers to many questions!
    Donna Maher Snyder, Style Ambassador

  6. Good evening,

    I recently discovered your brand via Style at Home.
    I love your products, but your mission even more. I want to be a part of this extraordinary life changing adventure.
    I am a free-lance stylist and I can only imagine the response from my clients when I will introduce your brand to them.
    The only challenge: I live in Montréal, Canada
    The business opportunity will be major here. So many professional women can benefit from your products: it is different, unique, and affordable luxury.

    No time to be kidding around…

    I want to talk with you or one of your partners to figure out a way to expand this extraordinary lifestyle on the other side of the border. Please contact me via this e-mail or by phone.

    Getting to know about you made my ordinary extraordinary!

    Marie-Chantal Métellus

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