New Year. New You. Really?

New Moon. New Year’s resolutions. New You. Really?

Well, not the new moon or the New Year because those happened (seen here at the end of my garden). But the ‘new you’ and the New Year’s resolutions? No. Never. It just doesn’t happen. Not for me anyway. I am simply setting myself up to let myself down.

The year before last, I resolved to read the newspaper every day. Every day, like my mother – open it up, spread it out, read it cover to cover, have an informed opinion on the world at large. After a week or two, the boat that brought the newspapers broke down, literally broke down. Then, I tried a subscription to The London Times. None of my credit cards appeared to be valid, and I don’t think The Daily Mail Online counts as reading a newspaper cover to cover. So now I cheat with The Skimm. Last year on January 1st, I gave up bacon for breakfast. By January 3rd it was back on the menu. Another year, the resolution was to be in bed before midnight. But I never made it. I always failed.

This year, though, I am launching into the year with something I can do daily, something I can stick with, something proactive and not too daunting…just that it can’t begin until January 22nd. But the start date is probably less important than the surge of optimism that will come with actually maintaining the dreaded New Year’s resolution. Check back on the 22nd. You might want to do it with me.

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