New York New York

New York. A city that does not sleep. Neither do I for that matter. “Sleep is a luxury right now” my CEO keeps reminding me.

This time last week I was in New York. With a fairly packed schedule. In fact over packed. Design meetings, fragrance testings, sample reviews, interviews and launches. Deep breath. It could all be accomplished, we just needed to stay on track.

My phone rang. It was Lori, our sales associate, her plane had been diverted. She was not sure when she would make the lunchtime launch event. Ugh Oh. And all our product was locked up in the reception of the hotel she was meant to be checking into. I called Erica, our customer support star “Erica. Help!” I said “I have no product, no bags, no order forms and no Lori” My phone rang again, it was our designer, in town from LA, to experience the event “I’m not feeling well. My tummy is upset” I called Erica back “Status on the product?” “Don’t panic. I have a courier collecting it and bringing it to you, should be there in the next few hours” “HOURS?” I said “kick off’s in 40 minutes.” The phone rang again, it was my eldest son in England “Muuum” he said in that sleepy teenage tone “I need more money”

As I grabbed a cab a text dropped in “You arriving soon?” it was an understandably nervous host. It started to snow. I called Erica back “The courier is never going to make it in time” I looked at Marzena beside me, hidden behind her video camera, documenting our trip around America “Marzena, we have to split up. You’ll go to the hotel to try to locate product and order forms and I’ll go on and start setting up the beauty collection” which luckily I had been heaving by hand through several cities.

My CEO called “I hear Lori’s been diverted and Lia is sick. Make sure you are there and on time” The snow sped up. The cab slowed down. A few minutes later my phone rang again, it was Marzena “I have everything. I am on my way” she said in her thick glorious Polish accent. “Brilliant” I said “Are you sure you have order forms?” “Yes” she said “I see order forms” “Good, with out order forms we’re screwed” I burst through the door of my hosts immaculate home, tore off my coat and set to work displaying the beauty collection.

Girls began to arrive, beautiful girls with beautiful hair and beautiful shoes. Glasses of champagne were handed around with lovely tropical straws. The smell of Wild Spiderlily began to fill the room. Marzena arrived, box’s in hand. “You were so quick” I said admiringly. I sliced open the box’s. Not an order form in sight. “Marzena, there are no order forms here” “Oh. This is not order form?” she said holding up our catalogue. “It is today” I replied reaching for a glass of champagne.

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  1. India, watching you ladies having fun and and telling the product story, puts a smile on my face!
    Donna Maher Snyder

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