One Month To Go

It was late, and I was alone.

“Can I get a credit card for incidentals?” asked the sweet receptionist as I checked in.
“Ooh, do you have room service?” I asked hopefully, tired and hungry.
“Do you have a mini bar?”

The small, rather sad Christmas tree in the deserted lobby of Best Western hotel winked at me with its failing lights. I realised then that the receptionist wanted my credit card details in case I tried to steal the TV.

The Best Western outside of Houston Texas is, well, not quite as best as one might have hoped for.

The next day I visited the distribution center that will handle my new venture.
Now that was exciting.

We ate good ol’ Texan BBQ, admired Jason’s big white board, toured the facility, familiarized ourselves with the process and generally came away reassured.

When David saw these photos he said, “What are you wearing?” Luckily Lia our designer and Erica our customer service star have a much better sense of what to wear when in a distribution center.

One month to go, guys.


3 thoughts on “One Month To Go”

  1. Way-to-go India!!!
    Your Montréal friends are rooting for you and cannot wait to participate in your new adventure. Wishing you all the sucess you so deserve!!

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