My father was a colour junkie. Could not get enough of it. Growing up in our London home we would eat breakfast in a tented room of purple, pink and orange. Grape fruit was encouraged to be eaten, as it complimented the decor but the yolk of an egg clashed horribly and was strongly discouraged.

At the weekends, in Oxfordshire, formal dinners would take place in the explosive scarlet red silk dining room, although as children, since we were not really to be seen and certainly never to be heard, I was secluded on top nursery floor. In another London home my father created a crimson drawing room and bedroom, with a bed lavishly draped in red damask which he described as “A bed to receive one’s doctor from, a bed to die in.”

My childhood was a riot of color, with vibrating combinations abundant in almost every room and every house I grew up in, so it’s hardly surprising my little passion for Orange….

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