Our Guide for the Guys

Drop him some hints, pass this along….

Heritage Scarf  
Super easy, no sizing involved… which might keep you out of tricky water, fellas.

Casuarina Hand Cream
FDA-approved, Vitamin E, incredibly moisturizing, you might want to steal it for yourself. 

Agra Tassel
A flash of color, our key ring in Flamingo. It comes in this box, so all that you need to do is wrap a ribbon around it and pop it under the tree. 

Flat Stanley Pouch
Fits the iPhone, fragrance, lipstick and keys… Ready for any adventure.

Maddison May Crossbody Bag 
Give her one (in the politest sense of the word of course), she’ll be thrilled. Take out the Insider, and it becomes a clutch for the evening.