Parental Guidance

Wesley joined me, Jeanette and Marzena in Boston.

We had not slept. We had flown from Salt Lake City into New York, changed planes at dawn, landed in Boston and gone on to speak to 300 women at the Design Center. Marzena’s back got put out: Marzena’s back was protesting that it should have slept in a bed. Wesley carried Marzena’s video equipment. Jeanette and I lugged the bags filled with product. We set up, and took down, our displays three times that day.

By the afternoon, Wesley was also carrying the product bags. (You don’t need to feel too sorry for him, as you can see, he said he was tired and took my chair so I had to stand to sign books.) In between the three events, Wesley and I checked our emails… ok, actually we both checked our Instagram accounts. (David would have been very cross with us.)

At the teatime Get Together, I suggested Wes put his phone away because I hoped he would be writing up the orders as I was introducing my collection. Mid introduction a phone rang, Wes nearly turned white in fear, pulled out his phone, put his hands in the air as a “Nope, not me.” An apologetic lady next to him fumbled to turn off her phone.

After our last event, Wesley lay down on the floor… “Up up up!” we said. “We have to get on a train and begin this all over again tomorrow…”

Wesley was thanked with a new pair of Nike joggers, with a big plastic zips down the side. Did you know your joggers now need big plastic zippers?