Sixty years ago a woman, with five small boys, turned up on my mother’s doorstep. She had been mistreated by her husband and had left him, taking with her their children. She was looking for work.

Pat, stayed with my mother for sixty years, brought me up when my mother was away, stroked my hair and put me to bed, dried my tears and steadied my teenage years. She was not my nanny. I had several of those, who came and went. She was Pat.

She was the only person I ever knew to face my father. And when she remarried, my mother was her bridesmaid, both of them aged 70.

A year or so ago Alzheimer’s slipped in and stole her away. (I wrote about it here)

When ever I am home in England I spend time with Pat. She recognizes me and strokes my face again, as she did when I was a child, we hug each other and she sings Vera Lynn songs and I feel bright and happy but other days she sits crumpled and alone in a dark world of Alzheimer’s.

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  1. What a beautiful story. A strong caring woman who had the courage to leave her situation and face the unknown (with 5 boys to boot!).She stayed loyal to you and your family . It’s wonderful that she still recognises you and the relationship you both have is special. Sad that she has been stolen away but truly a blessing at what you both still share.

  2. WOW!!!!!I am speechless.. Your bond with her is a true testimony of the human spirit. ox Lizanne

  3. Pat knows you are truly blessed. If you were not then all the good things that you have, and continue to experience would not be happening. May good continue to flow throughout your life, and those of your nearest and dearest.
    You are an inspiration to the haves, and those of us who get up daily and try as long as we have breathe.

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