Riviera, Only Way To Travel

When I was a child my father would insist each one of the family marked their luggage for the French Riviera, with personalised geometric labels, designed by him in bright, bold, standout colours. At that age, and not wanting to stand out in any way, I was aghast. Now I look back and think how incredibly groovy that all was.

I just launched a collection called the Riviera in bright standout colours. Duffles, totes, wash bags and handmade straw baskets… By the way, the wash bag is large enough to fit a Twix Extra, yes Extra, not just regular sized. At my boarding school in England, we used to smuggle in forbidden tuck for midnight feasts in our wash bags. It was essential to have one large enough to hold all that booty.

The only way to travel right now is with the Riviera collection, the weekender duffle stuffed to the gills, the padded tote holding your computer, Baby Riviera filled with your meds, and the wash bag carrying the tuck.