On Saturday we hosted a dinner for forty generous, supportive, quite drunk people. It was a fundraising evening and a celebration of the tiny community school that a few parents have resurrected. It was a roving dinner party. A brilliant but not invented here idea. Drinks over looked the bay as the sun set, dinner on our terrace under the stars, coffee cognac and chocolates in an elegant home in town, and then dancing, snooker and twister dangerously around the pool of another friend. (Twister, because the evening was about the school so we had to act like children. Obviously.)

As we bowed our heads and Father Russell said Grace before dinner he thanked those who had prepared the food we were about to eat. Clearly this was not me. I can’t boil an egg, let alone whip up dinner for forty. We never forget Top Banana back stage.

We also remembered that everyone present was supporting the mission of the school: to instill a love of learning, community awareness, and leadership in young children. Crucial on a small island. A multi-cultural, multi-racial school, were the presence of different cultures, traditions and values is a continuous voice that causes us to reflect upon our identity, review our values and open our minds to one another.

2 thoughts on “ROVING DINNER”

  1. Congrat’s on the new school…..
    My mother in law created a school 50 years ago in New Jersey that is still in existence… Her third child was born handicap and there were no school back then for children that had serious issues. He is now in his 50’s and still learning, and is active with the help of a companion… Good Luck with the school……!

  2. Congratulations on a lovely way to celebrate an enlightened vision. An investment in the future of the community especially a close knit one is wise and a rigorous curriculum in the sciences and arts will equip these young students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Is there an easy way to make a small contribution here?


    Washington DC

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