Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, although I never got to see the lake.


“Where are you off to next?” asked my mother, quietly sitting on her pink drawing room sofa. “Utah” I said “to meet a Salt Lake City based mommy blogger I have met over twitter and have a girl crush on.”  I might as well have been speaking Klingon, not much of that made any sense to my mother.

Heather B Armstrong was raised Mormon, and when she suddenly found out that she might not inherit a planet after all she left the church. Heather has 1.5 million followers because she is bloody funny and honest. I am one of her 1.5 million followers. Heather says no one reads blogs anymore, which is tough for a blogger. It’s apparently all about 140 characters. Well, I’m over that now so you must have stopped reading. You can watch instead….Heather launched my new business in her kitchen in Utah…and it was fab…