Samantha Thornton

After a 7-year successful, but non-stop, battle with cancer, the mental strain led Samantha to mental illness – Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome was followed by a partial breakdown. Samantha has brought herself back from the brink twice: first physically and then mentally. Her revelations lift the lid on a subject which often remains hidden.

In the week of World Cancer Day, my strong and courageous friend Samantha Thornton shares her extraordinary story with us…

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  1. Thank you, Samantha, for opening this door so people know they’re not alone. You are truly extraordinary. Be well and best wishes.

  2. Having experienced my own pot-holed road to recovery (still walking determinedly forward) this really resonates with me. Thank you for giving such a beautiful face to such a sinister after affect.

  3. Since I am right now in the eye of the storm I am eager to read Samantha’s book. I’m so happy that someone has come through this and has had the courage to write about it. And thank you, India, for these profiles. Every time one pops into my inbox I let out a little squeal of joy.

  4. Heartbreakingly raw, genuine and brave. A painful but incredible story , told with empathetic and superb interviewing India .

  5. India: This was a wonderful piece and I already know that Samantha’s ideas will help way more than just one!!! How do I reach her about her book and others she may help?


  6. What Samantha shared really rings true to what my dear friend, a survivor of Stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer with Metasteses, has gone through for the past couple of years. She has survived beyond all expectations, but the fear is still present. I think Samantha has a lot to share that can be of help not only to those going through Cancer treatment, but also, those that love them.

    Thank you India, for bringing Samantha to our attention! I’ll be watching for her book.

  7. Thank you for these interviews with extraordinary women. I hope they continue! I can’t begin to imagine the mental toll that cancer takes on a patient and their family. I’m so glad Samantha survived to share it and help others deal with it.

  8. what an inspiration. Thank you India. These interviews are extraordinary and this one in particular leaves you breathless. Wishing Samantha all the best.

  9. Thank you, Samantha and India, for this honest and heartfelt interview. This is a beautiful lesson in asking the simple question, “How are you feeling, sweet friend?”. And then, listening – without advice or attempts to make it better- just ears and heart open. This is what you did, India, and it sets a powerful example. Thank you for the reminder and the lesson.
    I send Samantha and her family a lot of love- I so appreciate and admire her strength and courage.

  10. Sadly, I witnessed more then once suffering and fear of my loved ones…
    What makes me sad and above all helpless is never knowing is it over for good?
    It is easy to say:” You are going to be O.K. “, but for them to live in constant fear of not knowing and fight the illnes and pretend with family and friends to at lest have some imitation of normal life… I wish all the best to Samantha and above all I wish her to reach smth we all crave; state of light-heartedness.

  11. India, being very empathetic to Samantha, I too experienced a complete nervous breakdown. I am so proud of her strength and courage through her illness and witness to others.
    Donna Maher Snyder

  12. India, this interview with Samantha is so powerful. As an RN, and having worked in mental health with the VA and another Florida hospital, my heart goes out to these individuals. Less than a year ago I was diagnosed with PTSD after I was assaulted by a patient, while on duty, in the current hospital where I work. The emotions of depression and anxiety panic attacks come crashing in like waves.
    India, I saw in your eyes your empathy for Samantha, and the compassion you gave her.
    Donna Maher Snyder, RN

  13. Dear Liz
    Thank you for your kind comments. This is a very special club and I just hope POG, Weathering the Storm resonates and helps
    X Samantha

  14. Dear Connie
    Good luck. You can do it. There are bound to be ups and downs but that just seems to be part of the journey.
    Take care
    X Samantha

  15. Dear Kristin
    Thank you for your kind comments. You can buy my book on Amazon: POG, Weathering the Storm. I hope you find it helpful.
    X Samantha

  16. Hi there! Thank you for your comments. I so understand your friend’s journey and hope that POG, Weathering the Storm makes her feel not so alone. She may well not be able to get over the fear without seeking help…I couldn’t.
    You can get the book off Amazon.
    Take care
    x Samantha

  17. Dear Marina
    Thank you so much for your kind comments. How right you are in what you say and it is thanks to meditation that I am able to find light heartedness.
    Take care
    X Samantha

  18. Dear Donna
    Thank you so much for your comments. How awful that you should have been attacked when trying to help others.
    I wish you well.
    Take care
    X Samantha

  19. This was so real and raw, my heart almost couldn’t take it. Samantha, you are truly an extraordinary woman. And thank you India for sharing your friend with us.

  20. Wow – this blew me away – Sam is an amazing inspiring role model – the interview was completely in the moment – great job India – I saw how sad you were and happy for your beautiful brave friend – off to get the book

  21. India, I photographed Guy and Samantha’s wedding in 1996 and in my effort to find her again, I found this interview which I deeply appreciated. I would love to re-connect to her and Guy if you would kindly share my email address with her.

    My own mother had stage 4 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 11 years ago, and is still with us as well. I am looking now for Samantha’s book because I would love to learn more of what she has to share on the mental side of her journey. This was a beautiful interview on both sides. I could have watched a much longer one!

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