A Scottish Balancing Act

We were discussing family, life and work when Chantel, a CEO and founder, leant over and said to me ‘Be careful about the balance. I gave up almost everything to build my company.’  The very next morning, with those words humming in my head, I picked up the phone ‘Mum, we’re off the Scotland. Let’s make it there this time.’

So, in glorious Scottish sunshine, we arrived at The Gleneagle Hotel, which, contrary to what one might expect, offers so much more than golf (despite not one but three courses). They have riding, shooting, falconry, ferrets – yes cute little ferrets – 4-wheel driving, carriage rides, and afternoon tea; although this was met with great disappointment as the warm sausage rolls turned out to be haggis rolls. HAGGIS.

On our scenic safari, Steve, our guide, drove my mother and I through Shaky Town and over Shaky bridge where the twelve strongest men of the town walk with burning torches at Hogmanay (the Scots word for last day of the year) and toss them into the river to see out the old year and welcome the new. They continue on with a two day non-stop party, consisting mainly of whisky and dancing.  As we continued on, we saw golden eagles and red kites and mountain hares, and we ate a lot of shortbread.

We drove to the top of a Munro, where Steve got us out into crunchy snow in a howling wind ‘Och aye’ he said ‘it’s blowing a bit of a hooley today’ as my mother’s head scarf blew right off.

Whilst my mother snoozed in the afternoon, I got on a few conference calls with the office in LA, which I think sort of counts as getting the balance right. Last night, I co-hosted what we call our Tribe Talk, where everyone in our community can jump on a video link and we chat through the month’s highs and lows. Just as we were starting, my mother appeared in her nightie ‘Have you borrowed my hair brush?’ she asked. ‘You really are an annoying child,’ she continued, as I feverishly tried to find the mute button on my computer.