Sleepless in Seattle

I arrive at 3am. I can vaguely see the sea. Is it the sea? In the morning I run. In the rain. Its makes me homesick for England. I call my mum, “I’m in Seattle.” “Oh, I was there once, went on board Britannia and stayed the night with the Queen.”

Back at the hotel I jump on calls, lots of them. My head swims. That evening I attend one of the first India Hicks Get Togethers. It’s a learning experience. I don’t sleep much.

Another run in the rain. More calls, several successful, several not. The internet keeps dropping. I look out of the window, a seal is stretching in the water. It makes my day.

During a video interview the internet drops again. My rather firm CEO quickly sends me an email, “Get back on the video. You are not polite.” The internet kicks back in, I am reconnected. He is still interviewing the candidate. Unseen to him, his young daughter comes into view. He continues the conversation. Now clearly visable to the candidate and me, but not him, are her small hands, gently doing Insy Wincy Spider along his shoulders from behind. This makes my day, even more than the stretching seal.

That evening we hold an opportunity event. This is where my experienced sales colleague, Jenny, describes our business and how you might become a part of it. There are six people in the room. One has driven 5 hours from Portland, one has flown from Alaska, a lively mother and her pregnant daughter have come from the city, a young, attractive, fresh faced girl from the Czeck Repbublic and a chic, well dressed lady who amazingly had read about the event on Instagram.

I was delighted. It might only be a small beginning but these were the kinds of dedicated women I wanted to partner with. We ate chocolate eclairs to celebrate.

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  1. Do not dismiss the power of Instagram…that is how I learned of you as well! An avid Harbour Island enthusiast too! Best place on earth~would love to keep it a secret to the world!!

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