Some Kind of Calm

I was completely blindsided by that bloody pneumonia. So many of us have been. It crept up and knocked me sideways. When I recovered, I could not remember much, just wasted days limping around the bedroom, not making much sense. I was sent a file to approve on Friday from one of our graphic designers. “Who on earth asked for this?” I wrote back “Errr, you did, India” came the response.

On the recommendation of many, I have really taken my time…slowly, slowly building my health back up, a gentle walk to a slow trot and lots of stretching.

My mother is also recovering. In her own way. “Yesterday I got dressed,” she told me. “Today I got dressed AND put on lipstick.’’ “The hairdresser called to see if I was dead,” she continued. He has been spraying Elenet on her since the mid 1960’s. She had never missed an appointment.

Some time ago, I published a beauty book, I also worked with Crabtree & Evelyn for nine years, and I have created a line of bath and beauty giftables for my own brand…I do know a bit about healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy skin, but pneumonia is its own chapter.

This year, I am looking for some kind of balance between health and calm in an increasingly chaotic life. Stay healthy and happy everyone.