Little Beauties

Look at these little beauties, just newly released….

My Extraordinary Oil will moisturize almost anything (be reasonable now) from your cuticles, to your face, to the tips of your hair, or indeed your grandmother’s elbows. A rich blend of oils including sweet almond, avocado, olive, and evening primrose for known for their moisturizing and rejuvenating qualities.

Our lip balm really does give you Lovely Lips… shea butter, aloe and beeswax, and just the slightest hint of colour. My father always placed the most surprising object under clear plastic, transforming it immediately into something of an art form. I remember especially dish mops being fluffed and presented as a sort of interpreted palm tree under a plastic cube. I felt our lip balm should also be given the same treatment. You can’t see the lovely clear acrylic container in this picture, because its hidden inside our Good Luck Beetle packaging, so really you have to buy it to see it.

And our Grove candle burns for a good long time, believe me I have tested this, but the best bit is that not only has this earthy-ylang-ylang-gardenia-peteled-salty-aired candle been made with the highest quality ingredients, but it also uses a renewable source, soy.