On my way home, after a couple of days of work in Miami, I popped into an Adidas store selling Stella McCartney. I found what I thought were cool, fairly galactic, exercise leggings. They were a silly price but I thought what the hell, I exercise a lot, I will wear them a lot. So I treated myself.

“What on earth are you wearing?” David asked when he saw me.

“Those are disgusting,” said Domino when I collected her from school.
Even her little friend Cole took a long look and said quietly “Err yeah, same as what Domino said.”

Leggings, not so Stella after all.

3 thoughts on “STELLA”

  1. I just had to comment to let you know that I find your blog one of my most enjoyable to read. I get excited when a see a group of new posts collected in my reader. Your content either cracks me up or tear up – a perfect combination :) So a big thank you.

    As an aside, I think those exercise leggings are way cool – but only if you have bright sneakers to go with them and you are actually jogging. Then you’d be turning heads. Wearing them around town as casual wear, not so much.

  2. Cathy, Thank you for taking the time to comment. Especially with generous words. And I promise not to wear the leggings around town. IH

  3. I LOVE those leggings. Very cool. I live in LA so maybe you should send them to me so I can wear them around town? Since your peeps don’t like them you might as well get rid of them… :)

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