Supper in a Flash

It’s the end of a long week shooting our Spring ‘17 catalogue (so don’t like that mundane word ‘catalogue.’ What we create feels much more than that, its feel like a storybook, or family photograph album, based on our travels, and the places, the faces and the spaces that we’ve loved along the way). To celebrate the week we invited friends for supper, one of whom I have not seen since he was about 6 and I was about 12 but he certainly had the upper hand as there was a sword in it. He was a pageboy to Princess Diana and was dressed in a miniature naval outfit.

With not a lot of time to spare we spread the table with the boys’ bed sheets, yes, again, bed sheets, and we ran vines down the middle and sprinkled sparkly branches from Frontgate in amongst the greenery and added a mass of tea lights and candles.

To give the candles height we balanced them dangerously onto of jam jars and chutney bottles.

It will be a miracle if we don’t set the entire island on fire.