Always double check your passports are within 6 months of expiration. Anything less and you’re in big doodoo.

*Tip: Also think to check your kids’ passports. We didn’t. It was bad.


If you happen to find yourself in a Disney Resort hotel, don’t believe that room service comes within the 40 promised minutes. It doesn’t. This can lead to hangry kids, which can lead to an unfortunate incident involving an ironing board.

*Tip: Always feed the kids before ordering food.


A famous fashion photographer, who spent many years traveling from hotel to hotel on location shoots, once told me he would ship his rugs and lamps in advance so when he arrived, the hotel room felt more like home. I don’t go to quite this extreme, but I do lay out photographs of my kids around the room and redecorate the bedspread with an IH scarf.

*Tip: Homey touches can be added to any hotel room.


On most flights I spritz my Uber Mist to stay extra hydrated. My neighbor in the seat next to me will look alarmed.

*Tip: Uber Mist regardless.


I never engage in conversation- I’m far too English to talk to an unintroduced stranger. What if they tell you their life story and it’s not very interesting? Just as we draw up to the ramp to disembark I might risk a quick ‘goodbye”.

*Tip: Think before you speak.


I was once so in love with a Greek boy who lived in a different country to me that every time I was due to return home, I would be the volunteer on the over booked flight. They give you a cheap hotel room and dinner and when you’re 18 and in love you’ll happily take it.

*Tip: Totally in love with time on your hands? Book a busy route.


On the horrible, horrible red eye flight that I often take on my way home from a work trip, I will add a few eye drops into my eyes before take-off, place moisturizing eye pads under my eyes and my IH velvet mask on top.

*Tip: Just avoid the red eye.


My mother once gave David some beautiful luggage labels in thick cream cardstock printed with large elegant DFW initials – we soon discovered all David’s suitcases went to DALLAS FORT WORTH.

*Tip: Invest in our generic navy blue luggage label. It assures your suitcase arrives safely.


David and I were once traveling In India together. We jumped in a taxi, one of those festooned with miniature deities across the dashboard. I gave the driver the address of where we were going. The driver didn’t put the car in gear, didn’t put a foot on the accelerator, we just sat there. Again, I gave the address, same thing. David now leaned forward and repeated the address. “Ah very good Sir,” said our Indian driver, “I will have you there in a jiffy.” It was then we realized that our driver would not acknowledge me – he would not offend David by being so bold as to engage with the woman beside him.

*Tip: Taxis can be tricky.


Don’t you dare take that photo of the clouds outside the airplane window. We are bored of seeing it.

*Tip: Take back those minutes.