Take Something On

2016. Two weeks in. How are your resolutions going? I’m still off the Diet Cokes. Those bastards can’t come back.

And I’m moving forward. Really looking towards the future. Really trying to shape something worthwhile, professionally and personally.

So for me, this New Year is less about giving something up and more about taking something on.


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2 thoughts on “Take Something On”

  1. Dear India,
    I am a designer (www.etsy.com/shop/cheekymonkeyhome) in Boston and I signed up for your talk this Saturday May 7th! I was looking at your journal to find out more about your new business venture but the link is not working! Is there anywhere else you tell about it? Love to know more about it before I meet you!

    I adore your story, your design, your style and your name! Can’t wait to meet you!
    Holly Johnson
    Cheeky Monkey Home

  2. Hi Holly. Did you ever end up hearing India’s talk on the 7th? Just curious. I’m an ambassador for India’s company and am having a blast doing it. I met India at a get-together last week and she is as lovely and real as she comes across in interviews, print, and online. Reach out if you never ended up getting more information; I’m happy to chat with you about it. All the best.

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