Test Drive

I’ve been in England for a few weeks freezing my Bahamian ass off, but it gives me time to have tea with my Mama, on the dot of 5, and taken very seriously, with hot crumpets and cake.

But it also gives me time to really concentrate on the collections, put mood boards together, avoid the Kardashians, test samples, sketch ideas, and live a weird nocturnal life as I stay on New York time so I can be in the same zone as the IH team holding the fort down back in the States, and join conference calls at 2:30am to discuss churn rates, cohorts and KPI’s. (You can imagine just how invigorating those calls are, and I thought I’d be gently pushing Pantone chips around when I founded this thing.)

On the weekends I test drove a few of our bags: dinner in town, a birthday supper, Conrad’s football match; and they performed pretty well. I also wore DAY for a week. DAY is a Danish company which defines itself in a mix of exquisite ethnic designs for the modern gypsy. I feel pretty much at home in their clothes, and have done for a while, although when my mother saw the DAY beanie hat I was wearing she said: “what on earth is that?” And when slightly sheepishly I took it off to reveal just-went-jogging hair she said: “oh no much worse, put that thing back on.”

6 thoughts on “Test Drive”

  1. You look fabulous, I see the natural affection you and your mother have for one another. I can not wait to see what you come up with in your next collection. Tea at 5 sounds so civil. xo Melissa Lee

  2. Being apart of your India Hicks Tribe of Style Ambassadors is a constant source of inspiration. You don’t just tell it; you LIVE it! #Fierce

  3. I am beyond blessed to be on this extraordinary journey!! You motivate me personally and professionally!! Thanks for being YOU! XO-Allyson

  4. Come to NY if you really want to test drive frigid temps for a day. It was -1 yesterday at my daughter’s ski race. I never knew the perils of parenting. Good thing we have India to keep us moving and with a hot brand.

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