That’s Entertainment

Occasionally we celebrate a birthday with a barbecue on the beach. A mass of pastel colored paper lanterns flutter in the wind as indolent teenagers are asked to carry cutlery, glasses, napkins and platters of food from the house to the beach. Unfortunately the tiny specks of pink sand that make their way onto our plates and into our mouths rather removes the romance of the event.

We don’t worry about entertainment though. The sun setting sky takes care of that.

And if we are feeling really energetic we heave a table to the top of a small hill in our garden, where we can sit together, and watch the moon rising. 

But you don’t necessarily need a Bahamian night sky or a garden of palm trees to make a meal feel memorable. Interesting company, simple cooking (cross your fingers it’s not mine) pretty linen and a little table decoration take you a long way. (Glance over this pinterest board for a few examples)