The Business Of Our Business

I have flown from Seattle to Chicago to Minneapolis to New York and onto Charleston. All in great, exhausting excitement; all to launch proudly our new business – a direct sales business. A business that allows women to join us, partner with us and grow with us –  on their own terms.

A generous group of friends hosted a cocktail party for me in Charleston. The room was filled with wonderful bright women, from all walks of life, who touched and felt my collections and listened as I explained passionately about our business model. “Our collections are not sold in shops, they would lose their stories, their edge and their worth if they sat cold on the shelves of a store. I want to sell them through entrepreneurial women, at home, online or one-to-one. Our business is more than a trunk show business; our business is about teams of women and a business that holds no risk but lots of reward. And interestingly our business comes in a bag!”

At the end of the evening (having sold many siren scarves and sprayed lots of English roses on lots of elegant wrists), a woman came over and said, “I don’t understand your business, but I do know I want to be a part of it.”

If you want to be part of this business, or have someone explain it a little bit better than I do, please contact us here: info(at)