The Business of Packing

Packed into the front of this little suitcase during one of the early stages of development was our fragrance bottle, sent to me as a sample to see how it would travel.

Instead of filling it with the real English Rose fragrance it was filled with a rough sort of antiseptic liquid. We were only reviewing the weight of the bottle so the liquid inside was irrelevant.

When I reached my destination I opened my case to find the bottle had been stolen. I was rather delighted, clearly English Rose was going to be popular. Although I did smile at the thought of the thief spritzing them selves with antiseptic.

Leaving on a work trip every ten days for twelve months certainly taught me how to pack efficiently. But you need a Domino for that final push.

4 thoughts on “The Business of Packing”

  1. Love, love this video. I have four days left of a months stay in the US with family. Shopping teenage girl and gadget mad teenage boy (and my love of saks) will make my packing experience somewhat less organised than yours. Of course if I could buy some of your beautiful scarves and bags in the UK, now that’s got to help for next time ????? Any chance could happen 2016. Happy travels

  2. Hi – love your packing video. I would love to know more information – what is the lightweight runner and also the brand of the jacket that converts to a pillow.
    Hope you can help. Thanks

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