The Business of
Business Cards

Launching a new business is no easy skip and jump. Its a bloody long haul, with as many sleepless nights. 

Luckily for me I am headquartered from the Bahamas (although the German partner, and rest of the team, have a more serious sensible location). But despite mindbogglingly long office hours I still get to walk my dogs on a pink sand beach late each evening, and take my children to school by golf cart early each morning. I am not complaining.

After months of draining back office set up, talking through 3PL’s, and DC’s and MOQ’s and comp plans and insurance and tax and software platforms (yes, it was all a new language to me too) we got to the fun bit, the creative bit: pantone paint chips, leather samples, packaging and business cards.

Business cards. Does anyone really still use a business card? Apparently they do.

I looked in David’s office. A fantastically ridiculous card on thick white textured stock, with only his name engraved on the front. No other piece of information. Very 17th century.

I’m not sure this is what the German partner had in mind.

2 thoughts on “The Business ofBusiness Cards”

  1. I love the thick paper! We teach business card etiquette to all our students, especially how to handle them when doing business in Asia where the business card has an elevated status!!

  2. Hi India,
    This is Suzee.
    I just became an Ambassador for the Tribe, today.
    Just wondering if there is a set business card that we all use or if we are free to be creative and come up with our own?
    Thanks so much

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