The Unexpected

I’m not sure what I expected. But I really liked it. And Salt Lake City was showing off. A few days of warm spring weather, snow capped mountains, blossom-filled avenues and clean streets.

I only knew one person before arriving. Kif. And I did not know her well, she is my gentle, slightly older, very quiet next door neighbor on the island. She comes for the occasional break with her basset hound.

I wrote in advance and explained that I was hosting a small event, where we hoped to meet women with an entrepreneurial spirit, who might want to come on board and sell our collections from their own homes and on their own terms. Did Kif by any chance know anyone who might be interested? She explained that she was not very social nowadays, but would have a think about it.

On the evening of our event Kif turned up as promised, not a grey hair out of place, and sat quietly in the corner. A few minutes later a blond bombshell arrived with sultry eyes, dressed in black jumpsuit and killer heels, looking like she had just stepped out of a James Bond movie. The room silenced as she shimmied in. “Hello,” she said, in a deep sexy European accent, “I am Valentina, Kif’s friend.”

When asked what I like most about this business, it’s exactly that. The unexpected, the friendships and the opportunities…