Top Banana

Top Banana, a mannequin and several same-size pineapples

I have had many requests for the ‘recipe’ for Conrad’s Birthday Pineapple Tree that I posted on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. So, here it is, in the words of Claire, our Top Banana, who made it…

“It’s never predictable working for India; anything might come up – on any day. When I was thrust a picture of a pineapple tree that she had spotted on Pinterest, I realized that I was going to have to get creative…. again.


– You need to balance and fix several same-size pineapples on top of each other. (If you live on a small island with only tiny, poorly stocked food markets – you are in trouble…. You’re gonna have to visit all of them.)
– When you have carefully balanced them on kebab sticks and a small breeze from an open window blows them over on to the floor – don’t give up
– Discover if any of them are broken. No? Shame, less pina colada. Try again with something better to fix it.
– Got an old wire mannequin sitting around in the store room? You have? Great – you’re saved. Use it to prop up the tall wobbling edifice.
– Add your own palm fronds and decorate below with fresh pineapple fruit
– Take it out to your beach party and let India accept all the compliments…”

7 thoughts on “Top Banana”

  1. Top Banana is so funny! She really needs to write some stories of her cooking adventures on an island without supermarkets.

  2. Would love to hear more from Top Banana. I’m sure she could teach us all a thing or two :)

  3. when I first started visiting Briland in the early 60’s my mother used to make us save room in our suitcases for at least one canned ham or a jar of peanut butter. The island now has way more than it did. Piggly Wiggly was it. If you couldn’t get “it” the answer was always “Tuesday”. Yup, some of those things will never change and that’s why it’s a special place.

  4. Eeek! The botanist in me can’t help but notice those are fern fronds, not palm fronds! Oh, well it is all jovial -plant parts masquerading as other plants.

  5. I love Top Banana’s “can do attitude” making much with little and dryly loving every moment of her creations! Thanks for sharing T B, we need to hear more from you!


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