We Have Lift Off

We’ve launched. We have actually launched this business. After more than a year of back breaking hours we have lift off.

From Manhattan to the Midwest, we have Style Ambassadors signing up and Get Togethers happening. We are building something from the ground up, a luxury product at an affordable price, exclusively sold through teams of entrepreneurial women.

Don’t for a minute think it’s been easy, but along the way as I sat around my own kitchen table, excitedly sharing first samples with girlfriends over a cup of tea (as my children merrily wreaked havoc in the room next door), I realized this is why our venture could work. I was doing this on my own terms, from my own home.

Recently I needed to be in England for a few weeks, and my CEO, based in our corporate office in Los Angeles was aghast. What was I thinking being so far away during the month of our launch? I promised him I would stay on New York time, a compromise between the UK and LA. I called, Skyped, texted and typed late each night as everyone in the house slept. This worked well until the moment we were interviewing someone for a new position and it had slipped my mind this was a video interview, and there I was, on screen, the founder of a company, dressed in my fluffy flannel PJ’s all ready for bed.

Of course there are going to be teething problems, like last week when a customer thought she was receiving our Carmen Clutch only to open the box to find the warehouse had shipped her a skateboard, and we don’t sell skateboards. But our site is up and running if you want to have a little look: www.indiahicks.com … and I’m pretty certain we won’t be shipping any more skateboards.

4 thoughts on “We Have Lift Off”

  1. Thank goodness you were in flannels and not some sexy number.. My Best friend on the planet. just left me a message. ” Really happy for you, I can tell in your voice the enthusiasm for India Hicks.” that is a under statement. Beyond excited to be part of all the bumps along the road to success and empowering others to be members of the IH Tribe.. Good Luck tonight in Seattle., hopefully not to many sad sacks after the Super Bowl. You are just what they need to bring on the IH happy. Ox, Lizanne

  2. Dear India, I am so excited to have joined this team. Exactly what I have been looking for.

    Thank you,
    Candace Rodrigue
    Houston, Texas

  3. Dear India,
    You have given us a wonderful opportunity! I am so happy to be a Style Ambassador with you and your IH Team. I am passing on this news and passing out catalogues. Your fragrances are exotic. All other products beautiful!
    Thank you! I too share a British heritage.
    Donna Maher Snyder
    Tavares, Florida

  4. Good Morning India and Lori! I am pleased to announce my Celebration Get Together launch party, is now scheduled for Monday, February 23rd, near Clearwater, Florida, at my daughter’s home. I joined the IH Tribe family on 01/27/2015, with my British Heritage cheering me and spurring me on. I am so excited and so proud of my great mentors, and my fellow Style Ambassadors!
    Wish me smooth sailing, surrounded by gifted products, and green palms and white flowers and candles. Glory be for my many blessings!
    Love, Live, and Laughter, Donna Maher Snyder, R.N.

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