What’s Everyone Doing At Home?

I landed in a suspiciously warm New York, for numerous rounds of design and sample meetings, which involves several days spent crouched over a sea of swatches playing around with colors, textures and patterns.

Of course this sounds ridiculously fun. It’s not. You go to bed all confident and wake up a little while later in a cold sweat, panicked you might have guessed wrong, and that no one will buy snakeskin and they really want suede.

On one evening I went to a dinner, in a beautiful home, with accomplished women debating life. The conversation of colleges came up, and where they might be sending their children for further education. I thought back to a recent conversation with my eldest, who had decided to go to South America and not to college. Someone turned to me and asked where mine was thinking of going. “Colombia” I said, not elaborating on this being the country, not the college.

On my last day I ran all over town, in and out of press meetings, introducing our new Extraordinary Oil to the beauty editors. “What does it do?” they asked. “Everything” I said, “it’s a lovely rich blend of different oils, and can be used in so many places: cuticles, neck, face, hair….” “Is it safe on the vagina?” someone asked. Now of all the places we had tested our oil this, admittedly, had not been one of them.

I left the meeting, wondering what everyone was up to back home….

3 thoughts on “What’s Everyone Doing At Home?”

  1. I’m crying (the good laugh crying). Thoughts: yes a thousand time to snakeskin. (2) our kids can go to Colombia together – my daughter also has no interest in college and a great interest in exploring (where did we go wrong/right?) and lastly, I can’t even with the vagina question. Did you spit out your tea? Xx, Beth

  2. Love to see that we all have similar challenges! Whether it be the choices our children make to which texture will rock…I prefer snakeskin since it’s more exotic and in line with your collection…my daughter wants to model and says that college is overrated, (the struggle is REAL) and I believe the Extraordinary Oil will be a huge hit for both men and women. Win – Win! xx, Dena

  3. Well on thoughts of what everyone is doing back home in the Uk we are all crying,( not the good kind Beth) because we cannot get hold of all your amazing and beautiful products here. Now you are teasing us with the extraordinary oil.
    I too wake up in a cold sweat as I don’t have anything from the new palm frond collection. :[ xxx

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