Wrappers Delight

I can’t cook but I can wrap. And I do mean wrap, not rap. I must have inherited this from my mother. The gift of wrapping. Not rapping.

My father made all the creative decisions in our home, top to bottom, inside and out, big and small. What color the walls of the drawing room should be to what table cloth would be used for which meal. My mother sat calmly by, reading her book, taking no notice, as the whirling dervish, that was David Hicks, rampaged through, spinning ever faster.

The only time she let loose creatively, was wrapping the christmas presents.

Suddenly Lady Pamela became the Jay Z of wrappers. Up out of the sofa, hip hopping on down to Harrods. She would fill those famous green and gold shopping bags with rolls & rolls of ribbons and papers and teeny tiny cards. Locked in her bedroom she would get down to business, snipping, cutting, fixing, meticulously curled ribbons, shockingly flat edges, complementary color schemes, not a wrinkle in sight.
On her hands and knees for hours until triumphantly, the perfectly packaged gifts would be placed under the tree, and she would return quietly to her book, on the sofa by the fireplace.

My sister too is a wrapper. But not the perfectionist style of our mother. More a relaxed rewrapped. You might recognize the paper, because it was what you wrapped her present in last year, with little tell tale signs of a vintage tape marks.

My brother is a minimalist wrapper, the present is clean, void of any accessory. God forbid there was a bow or pinecone, tinsel or bell. But beautifully he will calligraphy your name, in thick black sharpie on the top.

My eldest son is more of the nesting sort. Multiple layers of paper, box’s in box’s, tightly knotted string, engineering great anticipation and at the center of this chaos is more often than not a small joke, the size of a peanut. Ho Ho Ho.

Of course all this takes time and is not always an inexpensive pleasure. Which is why this year I had swanky little gift box’s made, with little perfect pouches, no ribbons, tape or paper required. And its my gift to you.

(for other Wrapping, rewrapping, minimalist and nesting gift wrapping ideas glance at my pinterest board…..http://www.pinterest.com/indiahicks/wrapping-not-rapping/)

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