The Zion Children’s Home is a safe space bringing hope to sexually, physically and mentally abused, abandoned and neglected kids here in The Bahamas. The children are accepted with out regard to race, creed or national origin. Somewhere for children to feel safe, and above all loved. Really loved.

Yesterday we spent an afternoon there getting to know the kids, getting to know Alicia who looks after them and although their past stories were unimaginable (Halo could not remember the name of her mother she has been in care for so long) their future is bright.

Perhaps in the spirit of Christmas you might like to make it even brighter

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  1. I read this a year ago and did not comment. Before I lived on Eleuthera I found your blog.
    I know Halo’s mother. Her name is Crystal. I know Halo too. I may be the reason Halo is at the Zion Children’s home. I lived and worked with Bahamas Methodist Habitat from 2015 to 2016. Crystal met me looking for help for Halo when she was 18 months old. Halo know’s her mum as Mommy. She came to live at Zion at 2 years old. Crystal volunteered to give her up. (so incredibly rare and so brave) My guess is Crystal is a survivor of sexual abuse from the conversations I had with her. She shared with me she wanted Halo to be safe. Of course, Halo would not know her name is Crystal. I doubt if she has ever remembers hearing anyone call her by that name. Halo’s Mom is very troubled and struggles with alcohol. I wish I was back on the island to continue to check in on both of them. I hope you have continued to be a blessing to Alicia, and all of the kids at the home.

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