Oh, to shave your head for charity, to wear a club Tropicana pink mini skit, to wriggle and grind your body down to the floor, and more importantly not get stuck there, and to have a hit named Domino. This girl can do no wrong. Although she can be held directly responsible for my alarming Olivia Newton John dance moves (the bit where she tosses the leather jacket aside and simply doesn’t care what anyone else thinks) Thank God my eldest son was not there, on a normal day he thinks I’m embarrassing enough. 

Jessie J was playing at Gabrielle’s Gala. Gabrielle Rich Aouad died at the age of 27, despite her mother donating her own bone marrow to try to save her life. Gabrielle’s final wish was to create a leukemia foundation that would help spare others the suffering that she endured. The work of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research continues in her honor and memory.

Gabrielle’s strength and wisdom live on in her own words, “Love defies all pain, even death.”