Double Coned

So many kind hearted souls have asked how Banger has been these past few months, since being run over.
Many have sent good wishes, some have sent notes, and just last week an envelope arrived, addressed to Banger Flint Wood, and inside was an edible chew stick card.

Reports from Dr. Wise encourage us to believe he is making progress. The broken leg is now the least of our problems, it is the healing amputation, and the umbilical tissue that has been plugged onto the stump that we watch closely.
Because of the lack of an accessible vet on the island, it was decided Banger would recover more safely in the care of Dr. Wise’s team in Florida.

But when they sent this image yesterday, I questioned how my sweet boy could ever forgive us for leaving him in a steel cage, and humiliated by the curse of not one, but two cones.
No longer being able to bear this any more I am traveling to see Dr. Wise to beg him to let Banger come home, before this little dachshund’s soul is broken completely.