Love Birds

A respectful amount of time has now passed since our parrot, Jenga’s, death. And we have started to think about who could move into the empty cage, especially because with only 3 dogs, 2 cats and 1 tortoise we need another complication, don’t we?

Rumor had it that on the neighboring island of Spanish Wells there were Love Birds for sale. Felix looked them up on line, the only thing other than extensive research on Nike trainers that Felix has ever looked up on line. Divine pictures of fluffy little birds snuggling together came up. “I want a Love Bird” said Felix definitively.  “No, the Love Birds are mine” said Amory, “you already have a dog”. “I want 2 Love Birds” said Domino. “I deserve a Love Bird'” said Conrad. “Lets share a pair of Love Birds” said Wesley, to no one in particular.

We had to go to Spanish Wells anyway to get Wesley and Amory immunizations for their new school. Bear that in mind when thinking of moving to a small island in the Bahamas, immunizations happen 3 islands away, have to be booked long in advance, and flown in from America. You also have to make sure there is a doctor around in order to give the immunization.

Just before the tribe and I set off for Spanish Wells, on our quest for injections and birds, Top Banana called the marine store to find out their opening hours. Only in Spanish Wells could a marine store also sell pets. Turns out the hours of operation was not the problem, the lack of Love Birds was. But they had fish.

We broke it to the kids. No Love Birds. Domino burst into tears. I couldn’t bear it “No Love Birds, but they have LOVE FISH” I told her. “Love Fish?” said Amory “Who wants a stinking fish?”  “I want a one. I want a LOVE FISH” said Domino between sobs. I looked at the 4 boys. I sensed mutiny. And mutiny’s a nasty word Skipper. “And Fireworks” I said.

“Right, let’s go” said Felix and off we set for fish and fireworks. And immunizations.

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