Street parties, mass gatherings and general nationwide Get Togethers started in the UK in 1919 as “Peace Teas” after World War I. This uniquely British tradition still continues, with all major national days of celebration being recognized in this way.

I distinctly remember the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, a long table wound its way through the village, bunting zigzagged between the houses, Union Jacks blew in the breeze, and we ate cupcakes decorated in red white and blue.

Of course my brother and sister had been taken to London to celebrate in Buckingham Palace, I was considered too young and too much of a liability. But don’t worry, I got my own back in 1981 during the next national event, Charles and Diana’s wedding.

Since then, Britain has celebrated the Millennium, the Golden and Diamond Jubilees, and another Royal Wedding.

And this weekend we celebrate The Queen’s 90th Birthday. Once again Union Jacks will fly and we will come together as a nation.

As the IH company has strong British roots, I thought it might be fun for us to also join in The Queen’s Birthday Celebrations, and to host a tea party during the official celebration dates.

Here is Domino’s…..