Sisterly Love

For some reason, I thought I could just ‘pop over’ to Philadelphia from New York, where I had been in sample meetings. Around hour two in the car, I began to realize there was no ‘popping over’ to Philly. But it was a meaningful trip.  It always is. Tea with 20 of our local leaders, and a conversation with a wider group afterwards.

Over clotted cream and scones, we chatted about our reasons for being in this business together.

Paula, a paralegal for 30 years, said she needed a change of wardrobe. Jodie agreed, “It’s a really good reason to get out of my yoga pants.” Karen chimed in, “I adore fashion, I was working in my husbands carpet cleaning business. Carpet cleaning and fashion? Nope, they don’t appreciate each other. This is so much more fun.”

A young mum said it was a reason to get away from her kids. Lauren said, “I so understand. I’m a mother of 3 boys, the IH community balances my busy boy life.”

Margaret, a magazine editor, said she could recognize a good zipper when she saw one. She just loves the product. Jackie, a TV producer, thrives on the thrill of the sale.

Another Ambassador who organizes international horse shows, called IH her happy place, and Lisa loves seeing her acquaintances become her friends through IH.

Kristen said she gave every cent she made back to charity, and was here because of our Get Together, Give Together program. Nancy, a grandmother, close friend, and one of our National Directors, said we must never overlook the groovy grandmothers

Christina reminded me that her previous career had been selling equipment that removes foreign objects from certain body parts…the room gasped at the thought of it. “What was the worst?” I asked, unable to resist. “A snow globe – imagine snow falling on a small French village, if you can. This business is a whole lot sexier.”

Many of us in that room were mums to a brood of kids, and feel we’re balancing quite a bit. When an Ambassador stood up and told us she was growing her IH career alongside being a mother to 5, one of whom was autistic, it put everything into perspective. “I had to change in a horse barn on the way here,” she laughed.

These are the determined, spirited kind of women I want my daughter Domino to grow up and be inspired by.

Philadelphia, you may be the city of brotherly love, but I found you to be overflowing with sisterly love.

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