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Bloody hell it’s freezing. And Bloody hell I’ve just sworn. My business partner sent me a box of soap recently. Apparently I am no longer allowed to swear.

Chicago. Been here before to appear on Oprah, we were both both dressed in the same tone of grey. A mistake. They asked if I could change.

This time I am launching my new business in the city with a tea party hosted by the generous Alessandra Branca, in a beautiful club that cannot be named.

The beautiful club that cannot be named was filled with old world charm and good manners and roaring fireplaces and dark green velvet and swaged silk curtains and grand piano’s and men in livery, with white cotton gloves serving us tall flutes of champagne, beside a table brimming with delicate finger sandwiches and warm scones and clotted cream, as crisp white snow lingered on the window sills outside.

I never wanted to leave the beautiful club that could not be named.

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  1. I’ll be there on Friday, cold, snow, and all, because the pull of a toddler granddaughter is strong. Not that it’s any warmer out here on the East End of Long Island! (Hi to Marzena!

  2. India

    It’s been a while but I hope you remember me back from my assisting days with Joe and Brigitte and being on the island all the time. You just crossed my mind as I was editing so I looked you up. We live in Chicago now as of last November and if you’re back here please reach out. I’d love to do dinner. You can find my info at
    Be safe!


  3. Would love to see India return to Chicago in the summer, it feels like an entirely different city that will surely welcome her with open arms.

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